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My real name is Gaëtan de Menten. I'm a 25 year old belgian guy. As a belgian, I'm not a native english speaker (my primary language is french). I'm currently finishing my computer science studies at the university of Namur in Belgium. The last thing I must do in order to finish my studies is to write my thesis. It is about Model checking so I'll try to update/add some articles around that topic in the following days. I'm currently creating my first article on Computational tree logic.

If you have any comment, feel free to drop me a line: talk / email

Todo list[edit]

This is the list of things I'd like to be done on Wikipedia. I'll probably do it eventually but feel free to do it yourself if you feel like doing so.

  • content
  • spelling/grammar/style
this will need the creation of disambiguify (or whatever it is called) page.
use {{disambig}}
  • ask wether I should create a page for temporal operators and remove them from LTL and CTL pages or not
  • provide another NFA example (the current one is a special case: epsilon-NFA) and create a new page for the epsilon-NFA
  • change image for the "finite state machine" page.
it could probably be reused for something else since it's a cool image, but IMHO too complex in this context and not very representative of FSM.

Other info[edit]

The list of my contributions so far is here.