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Hello 80, what do you think about moving Nazi children to Children of Nazism? The title as it is suggests that the children were Nazis themselves... Muriel 11:57, 12 Nov 2003 (UTC)

Thanks for asking, Muriel, and excuses for delay. "Nazi children" is historically the correct expression. All other appellations are euphemistic, distort the attention from the reality and make harm to the Nazi children themselves. The progeny of the Nazis are necessarily Nazis until they have proven otherwise. There is no other logical explanation to the reigning silence among the European Nazi children : They are afraid of revealing the truth. If they weren't Nazis they would be talkative as everybody else in our communicative era. The lack of generational clearness, the lack of an embodyment of own generation is nothing but a tragedy for millions of people who are not very young anymore. A social explanation is that the children remain Nazis as long as the postwar humanists continue to satanize the Nazi families.

The term "children of the Nazi era" which is used now is vague. It might include any child of continental Europe born in the middle of the 20th century. Kluwer (= 80...) Dec 14, 2003