Paradise Lost (Paradise Lost album)

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Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost (Paradise Lost album) coverart.jpg
Cover art by Seth Siro Anton
Studio album by
Released17 March 2005
RecordedApril–September 2004
StudioChapel Studios, Lincolnshire and Hollypark Lane, Los Angeles
LabelBertelsmann, GUN
ProducerRhys Fulber
Paradise Lost chronology
Symbol of Life
Paradise Lost
In Requiem

Paradise Lost is the tenth studio album by British heavy metal band Paradise Lost. It was recorded between January and June 2004 at Chapel Studios, Lincolnshire and Hollypark Lane, Los Angeles; it was mixed and mastered at Green Jacket Studios.

Although not officially, this is the first album with Jeff Singer (his official full-time membership in the band was on "The Enemy" single from the In Requiem album), who came after when the band was ready to release this album on an earlier date but postponed when they had no drummer. The band had songs such as "Sedative God", which was written for this album but did not end up on any of the releases of this album (such as singles) but instead ended up on the aforementioned album, while other songs such as "Through the Silence" and "Sanctimonious You", although not released on any of the reissues of this album, ended up being on the "Forever After" single CD and the B-Sides & Rarities album. The aforementioned single also has a music video which features Jeff Singer in the line-up.

Track listing[edit]

1."Don't Belong"4:19
2."Close Your Eyes"4:22
5."Forever After"3:47
6."Sun Fading"3:29
7."Laws of Cause"4:09
8."All You Leave Behind"3:01
9."Accept the Pain"3:20
12."Over the Madness"5:17
Dark Element, Century Media and Icarus reissue
13."Let Me Drown"3:10
14."A Side You'll Never Know"4:09
GUN Records digipak
No.Titleadditional notesLength
13."Don't Belong"String Dub Mix3:49
14."Over the Madness"String Dub Mix5:12

Forever After[edit]

"Forever After"
Single by Paradise Lost
from the album Paradise Lost
A-sideForever After[1]
Released7 February 2005 (2005-02-07)[2]
GenreGothic metal
LabelGUN / Supersonic Records
Songwriter(s)Nick Holmes, Greg Mackintosh
Paradise Lost singles chronology
"'Small Town Boy'"
"Forever After"
"'The Enemy'"

Forever After[3] is a maxi-single from the album.

1."Forever After"3:48
2."Through the Silence"3:24
3."Sanctimonious You"3:27
4."Let Me Drown"3:10
5."A Side You'll Never Know"4:10
DVD content
6."Behind the Scenes at the Listening Session Cologne"4:00
7."Live Impressions"3:27
8."The Making of Forever After"4:59